Welcome to Big Dawg Racing! Big Dawg Racing (BDR) has been in existence since June 2010. It started with a passion for racing which drove Anthony (Tony) Kvatek to get his very first remote control Traxxas Slash 2wd in May 2010. He bought it used off the Internet and quickly got into racing. Soon after Tony's sister, Gina Kvatek, got her first truck off the Internet as well. Gina got a beat up Traxxas Slash 2wd with a nice body for a cheap price! Gina went to the local speed shop to get estimates on how much it would cost to get the cheap truck running. The total added up to being more than what she would pay for a brand new truck. Gina held off and waited for the Traxxas Slash 4wd Mike Jenkins Edition to go on sale. Within the next week the Losi Strike 2wd RTR went on sale. Gina quickly jumped on the deal and got it for herself (with a little help from her dad). The first night she raced with it in total stock mode she broke two front tie-rods and a shock cap. Gina soon bought titanium tie-rods and aluminum shock eye caps. Gina and Tony both were racing now going head to head in every race. They decided to form a team and race together, not against each other. They then formed Big Dawg Racing. Tony’s Slash was named Big Dawg and Gina’s Strike was named Big Dawg in Training. The cheap Slash Gina got off the Internet went to her dad, Joe Kvatek. It was soon dubbed the name the Junkyard Dawg.

Everybody doubted Gina and her ability to race for the simple reason of her being a girl. Once Gina got the hang of it she start passing people. As time went on both Gina and Tony had the feel of their cars and were off to success. Very shortly after Joe bought a Losi High Roller. Joe doesn’t race the High Roller, it’s just for looks. Gina and Tony both then got Team Associated 18R Citroens. In Illinois, Joe bought a Duratrax Vendetta and a Grand Touring Mitsubishi Eclipse. The first thing Joe, Gina, and Tony did when they got back from Illinois is they went to the local hobby store and bought parts to get the two new cars running. 

Big Dawg Racing currently has 9 cars total. Joe has a Losi High Roller, a Duratrax Vendetta, and a vintage sedan Camaro.  Tony has a Traxxas Slash 2wd (Big Dawg), a mod Traxxas Slash 2wd (Junkyard Dawg), a Grand Touring Mitsubishi Eclipse, and a Team Associated 18R Citroen. Gina has a Losi Strike 2wd RTR, and a Team Associated 18R Citroen.